Study Number 2000 - Family Life and Work Experience Before 1918, 1870-1973

Legal Agreement on Condition of Use

In accordance with the depositor's wishes, these data were made open (no registration required). The UK Data Archive approved the decision to open the data. Participants were interviewed in the 1970s when they were 70 years old or older; all were deceased by 2014.

Privacy Impact Assessment

The UK Data Archive follows best practice guidance in the field of social science data sharing, taking its lead from the Office of National Statistics. Data owners and producers are responsible for signing off on confidentiality, following their own in-house protocols. For example, each government department may have its own classification system for data release of data and follow a bespoke standard. The Archive undertakes further routine checks on data to ensure the data meet our own confidentiality standards and match the type of licensing selected by the data depositor. Key survey variables are identified and checked for basic disclosure risk following the UK Government Statistical Service (GSS) Disclosure Control Guidance for Microdata Produced from Social Surveys. Release of other kinds of data, such as textual data, is approved the owner/producer and is further checked by the Archive for disclosive information that may potentially be detrimental to meeting the original terms and conditions of the research and participant consent. The Archive follows the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Anonymisation: Managing Data Protection Risk Code of Practice.

UK Data Archive Processing Standards

The data were processed to the UK Data Archive's A* standard. This is the Archive's highest processing standard. This means that an extremely rigorous and comprehensive series of checks was carried out to ensure the quality of the data and documentation. in addtion, any data or documentation that breached confidentiality rules were altered or suppressed to preserve anonymity (see Privacy Impact Assessment statement above).

Subsequent Enhancements

Audio file availability

Audio files are available on request. Contact the Helpdesk in the first instance.