Welsh Election Study, 1979

UKDA study number:1591

Principal Investigators

Balsom, D.
Madgwick, P.J.
Welsh Election Study

Data Collector

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited


Economic and Social Research Council

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UK Data Archive, University of Essex, Colchester.


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1591 . Welsh Election Study, 1979



Balsom, D. , Welsh Election Study

Principal Investigators:

Balsom, D. , Welsh Election Study
Madgwick, P.J. , Welsh Election Study

Data Collector:

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited


Economic and Social Research Council
Grant Number: HR 4732/1


The purpose of this study was to investigate specific Welsh dimensions within the general field of voting behaviour and partisanship in British politics. In addition, data was collected on exclusively Welsh issues such as the Welsh language, devolution, and aspects of national identity. This study was designed and conducted in close collaboration with the British Election Study (Essex) and the Scottish Election Study (Strathclyde).

Main Topics:

Attitudinal/Behavioural Questions
Good and bad points of Conservative and Labour Parties, interest in politics, assessment of each party's handling of various issues, e.g. rising prices/strikes/unemployment. Experience of and importance of unemployment. Knowledge of party policies on nationalisation/tax cuts/trade union power and own position, opinion of position of Britain's economy and future prospects. Perception of differences between the major parties. Attitude to recent changes taking place in areas such as sexual equality, racial equality, censorship, abortion. Attitude to big business and trade unions, degree of involvement in union matters. Relative position of respondent's salary, way in which wages and salaries issue should be handled. Attitude to forms of political protest. Most important aims for the country for the next decade, e.g. economic growth/defence/freedom of speech.
Whether voted at election and for which party, vote in October and February 1974 and June 1970. Party identification. Marks out of ten for parties and leading politicians. Vote in local government election in 1979, opinion of local government services and need for changes.
Class identification and attitude to the class system. A number of questions were asked on Welsh Devolution including vote in the recent Referendum and views on the Welsh language issue.
Background Variables
Newspaper readership, television news viewing, religious affiliation and attendance, national identification, type of school attended and age completed full-time education, qualifications, telephone/vehicle ownership, membership of private medical insurance schemes. Employment status and occupation of respondent and spouse, sex, marital status, age cohort, place of birth, income, accomodation tenure, length of residence in area.


Dates of Fieldwork: 15 May 1979 - 9 September 1979
Country: Wales
Spatial Units: Parliamentary Constituencies
Observation Units: Individuals

Universe Sampled:

Location of Units of Observation: National
Population: The registered Welsh electorate eligible to vote on May 3rd, 1979


Time Dimensions: Cross-sectional (one-time) study
Sampling Procedures: One-stage stratified or systematic random sample
36 constituencies, 2 polling districts per constituency, 20 electors per polling district
Number of Units: 1440 (target) 858 (obtained)
Method of Data Collection: Face-to-face interview

Language(s) of Written Materials:

Study Description: English
Study Documentation: English


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